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Catalyte advances human potential for the digital economy. We use artificial intelligence to identify individuals, regardless of background, who have the innate potential and cognitive ability to be great software developers.

For over 15 years, Catalyte’s predictive analytics platform has hired, upskilled and deployed high-performing teams to deliver product engineering and enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies. Our hiring model and intensive onboarding process, rapidly create teams that have exponentially higher levels of production and quality than anyone else.

With development centers in Baltimore and Portland, Oregon, Catalyte has created a diverse and US-based technology workforce to help companies scale software innovation.

How We Work

Catalyte leverages machine learning and proprietary algorithms to objectively discover high-performing talent from our communities. Once hired, we train these individuals for 12-20 weeks via an in-classroom onboarding program to become full-stack enterprise software developers experienced in team-based Agile methodology. After successfully completing onboarding, Catalyte blends graduates into software development teams and deploys them on product engineering and managed services projects for Fortune 500 clients, such as Under Armour, Nike, eBay, Blue Cross Blue Shield and others.

As our clients report, Catalyte’s software development teams consistently outperform traditionally assembled teams in speed, quality and performance. By enabling our employees to launch new careers in IT, Catalyte also transforms lives and the local communities in which we work.

Our History

In 2000, Catalyte’s founder Michael Rosenbaum was a Harvard economics and law fellow. As an advisor in the Clinton White House, he proposed the theory that underserved urban populations were untapped labor markets. In his view, these areas contained just as many people with talent to succeed in the emerging field of software development as any other; they were just being overlooked by a system that valued certain cultural markers rather than innate ability.

To prove this point, Michael created what would become the Catalyte Talent Platform, a big data engine that removes the cultural biases from hiring and objectively selects candidates who have the potential to become great software developers. After over 15 years and hundreds of thousands of applicants, Catalyte continues to fine-tune the platform to ensure continued success of our people and software outcomes.


Not everyone can be a great software developer. But great software developers can come from anywhere.

If you have a desire to learn, a passion for solving complex problems and the drive to succeed, then we want to hear from you.

Think you have what it takes? Apply now.

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