Catalyte is focused on advancing human potential. Our employees represent a new breed of software engineers, selected for their skills and demonstrated abilities. This creates a more diverse and dynamic US-based workforce focused on helping companies scale software innovation.

Jacob Hsu

Chief Executive Officer

David Young

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Mansell

Chief Technology Officer

Paige Cox Lisk

Chief People Officer

Tom Iler

Chief Product Officer

Todd Horst

Chief Revenue Officer

Emily Chong

Head of Marketing

Scott Harris

EVP of Client Services

Jim Hyde

CEO of Surge

Robert Stahly

COO of Surge


Because our predictive analytic platform removes bias from the hiring process, our employees reflect the diversity of their local communities. Our diversity allows us to see and solve problems from different angles, creating better solutions for our clients.

Catalyte is proud of our diverse workforce:


women on senior management team

Near above average diversity with 22% 
female technologists


Above average
diversity with 28% minorities

of all ages

from various

Our Alumni

Creating life-long careers

83% of our alumni stay in technology and land opportunities at companies like Amazon, Nike and Microsoft.

Those who stay in technology, 85% continue their careers as developers or senior developers, 10% continue as technical leads and 5% continue as business analysts or project managers.


Catalytes come from many backgrounds but have one common goal: to develop and deliver great software.

Get to know what makes them special.

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